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What cyclists want drivers to know.

Not ‘just’ road users

• Most cyclists are nice people who want to share the road.

• Consider how vulnerable I am. A minor bump is an inconvenience for you, but could result in serious injury to me.

• Many cyclists are also drivers; sometimes, we choose to cycle.

I want you to see me

• I am not so easy to see, so take time to look carefully for me, especially at junctions and roundabouts as this is where many collisions involving cyclists occur.

• Before you open a door, check your mirror and look over your shoulder, otherwise you might cause me to collide with the door or swerve into traffic.

• When waiting to pull out of a side road check there is plenty of space before you do, I may be travelling faster than you expect.


Driver distractions

• Please don’t allow yourself to be distracted by phone calls, music, passengers, map reading, snacks etc. Our roads are too busy to concentrate on anything but driving ... or cycling.


• Please be patient if you need to overtake me. Wait until you have the room and time to complete the manoeuvre, particularly if your view is restricted by a bend or brow of a hill.

• Don’t make your decision too early; slow down, approach cautiously and pick your moment.

• Before you pass, check your mirrors, indicate and leave plenty of space between us.

• If you need to cross the central white lines, never assume oncoming vehicles will move over or have the space to do so.

• Please don’t overtake me when approaching a junction or a hazard and I am preparing to stop because I need more braking space then you.

• On narrow roads it advisable to cycle in the middle of the lane, be patient until there is sufficient space to pass.


Know the Highway Code

• I may choose to ride on the road instead of using a cycle path. This could be for a number of reasons, including my view that the road is a safer place for me to be. The Highway Code says this is okay.

• At night, please dip you headlights when passing from the opposite direction; your high beam will dazzle my eyes the same as anyone else’s.


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