Welcome to the What Matters Most website.

This is an online information resource for all road users, but with a particular emphasis on the needs, concerns and safety of cyclists. The aim is to provide hints, tips and guidance for everyone, so as to improve knowledge, understanding, tolerance and the appreciation of one simple fact . . .

We are all just trying to get from A to B, safely.

Aims of the ‘What Matters Most’ campaign

Launched in March 2013, this is a publicity campaign with information resources, designed to highlight the many distractions that can cause every road user to ‘take their eye off the ball’.

In a perfect world, there would be no collisions, injuries, or loss of life, but it happens. Casualty statistics and collision investigations prove that in a significant number of cases, a simple error or a poor decision was made . . . just before impact.

We can all play a part in preventing this from happening.

Phase II – October 2013. You can now download any of the four campaign posters - including two new versions. Please print and display them in a prominent position at your place of work, school, sports club . . . anywhere that helps to highlight this campaign for cyclists. Go to the FREE DOWNLOADS page and ‘help yourself’!

February 2014 – We are delighted to have British and Olympic track cyclist Jess Varnish supporting this campaign in an ambassadorial role and through social media.

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